Fruits CMR, S.A. is a traditional family firm established in 1879. With offices in Mercabarna, Barcelona. Fruits CMR, S.A. is the parent company of CMR GROUP, a business group that also comprises its subsidiaries CMR INFINITA, which operates out of Madrid’s central market Mercamadrid, CMR LEON, in Mercaleón, CMR CANARIAS, in the island of Santa Cruz de La Palma (Canary Islands), CMR FRANCE, in Perpignan, (France), CMR HOLLAND, Ridderkerk, (Netherlands), and CMR BRASIL, in Natal (Brasil).

The CMR Group’s core business is marketing fruit and vegetable products, both from the Group’s own sales points in Mercabarna (17 sales modules), Mercamadrid (8 sales modules), Mercaleón (6 sales modules), Ridderkerk (Netherlands), and Perpignan (France), where the company has commercial offices, and through its national distribution and export departments.

From the very start, the philosophy behind the companies that form the CMR Group has always focused on such values as vocation, service, quality and professional service. This insistence on basic values has earned us praise and recognition from our producers, suppliers, customers and even the competition throughout our long trajectory in the sector.

CMR obtains its fruit and vegetable supplies from producers all over Spain, as well as from imports from countries in the European Union, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

Our sales lines cover a large range of products: fruits, vegetables, tropical, exotic and ethnic produce, berries, citrus fruits, 4th and 5th range products, aromatic herbs, organic produce, etc.

By offering this huge range of products and varieties, combined with long periods of availability, we aim to cover, as far as possible, all the demands of retail and wholesale customers, municipal markets, fruit and vegetable chains, modern distribution networks and the catering, restaurant and collective segment. Our sales network not only covers the Spanish market, but also extends to Southern, Central, Northern and Eastern Europe as well as Northern Africa. Moreover, we also add substantially to sales by distributing to customers at other wholesale markets.

The CMR Group maintains close links with producers and suppliers, generating exchanges of commercial information that are of the highest economic value. These links help us to maintain and enhance our policies as regards brands, advertising and promotion, the development of new products and varieties, programmes and campaigns and transport logistics, and to lead the way in new trends in the sector and its products, responding to demand as and when it emerges.

The CMR GROUP generated sales above 115 million euros in 2014, continuing the consistently upward trend in the Group’s business results in recent years. This constant increase in sales is based on the hard work of an experienced, highly professional team and on the confidence placed in our management by suppliers, partners and customers alike.

A superb blend of youthful enthusiasm and rich experience provides the perfect basis for the excellent service that the CMR GROUP guarantees both suppliers and customers.

Counter-season imports

Out of season imports started in 1985. The amount of countries CMR imports from on the one hand, and the volumes of imported fruit on the other, have both gradually increased since then.

Which Fruit and Vegetables does CMR handle?

CMR currently handles avocados, plums, persimmons, melons, mangoes, sweet potatoes and dates from Israel; witlof, radishes, iceberg lettuces, leeks, bell peppers and conference pears from Holland; 4th and 5th range products, frisée lettuces, apples, lettuces and cauliflowers from France; apples, peaches, grapes, kiwis and plums from Chile and South Africa; asparagus from Peru; chicory, passacrasana pears, kiwis and grapes from Italy; berries from Belgium, Holland and Chile; tropical and exotic products, etc.

This impressive range of products complements the large Spanish domestic production of fruit, vegetables, greens, berries, citrus fruits, etc. and makes CMR's sales points at the wholesale market especially attractive to their clients.

Who works with CMR?

The wide range of products on offer and their availability all year through, meet a particularly varied and complete portfolio of clients' needs and requirements. On the one hand, CMR works with producers-exporters who want to benefit from CMR's commercial services and collaboration. On the other hand, CMR's clients are wholesalers, retailers, specialized food stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and caterers. CMR's area of influence is truly international, and on a local scale CMR is also involved with the supply of other wholesalers at various wholesale markets.

CMR's success

Solid business relationships with both suppliers and clients alike allow CMR and its business partners to exchange commercial information of valuable economic interest. The brand orientation criteria, the range of varieties on offer, targeted marketing at different levels, and advertising in various key publications and world-known special events such as international trade fairs and exhibitions all contribute to CMR’s leadership position.

Fruits CMR along with the other company of the group, attained total sales over 115m Euros in  2014, which confirms the progressive sales increase trend achieved for the past years and consolidates its leadership position and strengthens its commercial activities in order to maintain and develop a solid and safe growth.

How CMR keeps its quality consistent…

Young, professional, qualified personnel work alongside senior managers with the experience and know-how required to make this combination of skills and experience a unique asset for CMR's customers and suppliers alike, who benefit from a top-quality, efficient and reliable service. CMR’s Quality Control Dept. operates from its on-site laboratory, guaranteeing quality service to both suppliers and customers.

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